Student + Athlete = Student-Athlete

To be a student in any academic institution is already a challenge in itself, you’re already committed to seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months even years of work to develop and expand your knowledge capacity. To add the life of an athlete into the mix would be stirring up disaster right? Not entirely true, in fact, it is a myth. 

Many people are convinced being an athlete is troublesome enough, to those who desire to lose weight or gain muscle struggle to remain committed as they understand the “punishment” of the exercise is heavily time consuming over a lengthy span which requires high levels of commitment to result in your desired outcome. To be committed to studying and being an athlete at first was a struggle, but any wise person would understand to obtain knowledge from other areas and collectively apply it to what ever work area you are in can result in your work rate being considerably greater than others around you as well as your work that you present. Allow me to explain an example, for any student who has ever been in a classroom with me may have noticed a re-occurring desire of mine to be “1st” in class. In other words, if a project is assigned, I want it to be so good that even the teacher asks “How did you do that?” my intentions are not to belittle anybody in class, I am far from cocky or arrogant, I just have a desire to excel. My intentions are not only to excel, but to inspire those around, to let them know “Hey, you can do it too.” and that is the truth.

An athlete understands there is only ONE path, ONE trophy, not like in academics where a “pass”, “merit”, “distinction” can get you employed somewhere, but in sports there is only ONE trophy or medal, that’s to be first. The mindset of an athlete relies on the Two P’s (Practice & Performance) there are times when you’re polishing your capabilities and trying to be better than you was before you entered the gym. I have developed an ability to adapt to certain academic environments quite rapidly as I have lived in 4 different cities with a hugely diverse range of personalities and teaching styles, in the North, South, West and East of England. That ability to adapt has enabled me to also apply my mindset of an athlete to my academics and my mindset in the classroom in the gym, court and field. To be a student-athlete isn’t easy, but when you grow with it, you’ll develop a rare trait that not many people are blessed to have, a desire to never give up, improve and press on.


The 2nd Best – Kevin Durant Documentary

After a long struggle of creating this to look at its best… It is completed. Thanks to God for giving me diligent hands and completing this project before its due date and inspiring me throughout. This documentary was created as a school project, it was created as Found Footage format, meaning, I hold NO claims to the footage or the audio, the editing is pretty much the only thing I did, other than that, I am not the owner of any visuals/audio used in this documentary. The documentary was influenced by my struggles as an athlete and an unfinished chapter that I desire to finish on a high note. Inspired partially by the life of my Father, I created this documentary. This documentary follows Kevin Durant’s incendiary passion for success.

“Winning isn’t everything…” is not true, partially it is, but it is not completely true. Inspired by his losses, Kevin Durant developed into a winner, but his journey and desire to never give up, he rose up and above those that doubted him. The title is a play on words many kids say “1st the worst… 2nd the best…” often said by those who lose to feel better. The documentary was titled that way as it is an oxymoron, you won’t see anyone finish a race 2nd then get a gold medal. Kevin was 2nd best, but now became the best. Hopefully this documentary is inspiring to you, to always chase your dreams, be productive and dream BIGGER than ever before.


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