The 2nd Best – Kevin Durant Documentary

After a long struggle of creating this to look at its best… It is completed. Thanks to God for giving me diligent hands and completing this project before its due date and inspiring me throughout. This documentary was created as a school project, it was created as Found Footage format, meaning, I hold NO claims to the footage or the audio, the editing is pretty much the only thing I did, other than that, I am not the owner of any visuals/audio used in this documentary. The documentary was influenced by my struggles as an athlete and an unfinished chapter that I desire to finish on a high note. Inspired partially by the life of my Father, I created this documentary. This documentary follows Kevin Durant’s incendiary passion for success.

“Winning isn’t everything…” is not true, partially it is, but it is not completely true. Inspired by his losses, Kevin Durant developed into a winner, but his journey and desire to never give up, he rose up and above those that doubted him. The title is a play on words many kids say “1st the worst… 2nd the best…” often said by those who lose to feel better. The documentary was titled that way as it is an oxymoron, you won’t see anyone finish a race 2nd then get a gold medal. Kevin was 2nd best, but now became the best. Hopefully this documentary is inspiring to you, to always chase your dreams, be productive and dream BIGGER than ever before.


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