9th Wonder – Bladey Mae

So may Hip-Hop heads may have listened to the Bladey Mae beats and noticed the beats just aren’t long enough. Most of the beats last at around 30 to 50 seconds and come and go pretty quick. So I decided to join the small number of people who extend the tracks, here is one link: 9th Wonder – Beat 31 – Bladey Mae – Extended: http://youtu.be/6W9oqLWRbOQ

It doesn’t stop there, I will keep extending upon request, but know that many of these 30 second beats sound beautiful when it’s 3 minutes long. I recommend bumping those beats when you’re working, it gets me going. Peace.


The Best Beat-Tape Album – 9th Wonder – Valley of the Kings

It’s a rare occasion for me to like a whole album of anything and not skip, there has been a few occasions recently quite coincidentally where I heard entire albums without a single skip, struggle to put a tag on my favorite track. I am a follower of the other dimension of hip-hop, beats & instrumentals.┬áMy ears are very careful to detect good beats to just downright awful, there are many beats that don’t make sense or appeal to the common modern day “hip-hop” listener with frequent chops of cuss words and other expletives. 9th Wonder completely nailed this album down in my opinion to be one of the best beat-tapes there is. The chops of vintage vinyls and other beautiful mix-ups just give each beat a beautiful blend and soulful touch to it.

No doubt should you be head bopping to this while you get your work done…